What is responsible fishing?

Responsible fishing consists of extracting marine resources in a way that generates the least possible impact to the ocean and its species. Responsible fishing implies: Using fishing techniques that reduce the capture of... View more

What is responsible consumption?

Responsible consumption is the practice of consuming fish products in a way that generates the least possible negative impact on the ocean and on human society, favoring options that promote responsible fishing and... View more

What is fishery?

Fishery refers to the collection of activities related to fishing or the capture of marine resources. There are various activities related to fishing—from the boats and equipment used during capture, storage and... View more

What is the FAO, and how does it regulate fishing?

The FAO is the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Its principal objective is to improve nutrition, increase agricultural productivity, increase the quality of life for rural populations, and contribute... View more

Who regulates fishing in Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica?

In Colombia: AUNAP (the National Agriculture and Fishing Authority), currently oversees all processes related to the planning, research, management, promotion, regulation, registration, information, inspection, monitoring... View more

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